Horse & Pony Books by Area:


Louise Cooper - Seahorses series
Pippa Funnell - Neptune the Heroic Horse
Kathleen Mackenzie - Pony and Trap
Alice Molony - The Lion's Crouch
Michael Morpurgo - The White Horse of Zennor
M. M. Oliver  - The Riddle of the Tired Pony
Alexa Romanes - Save the Ponies
Mary Sharp - Dream Horse
Joyce Stranger - Khazan

Cumbria & The Lake District:
Judith Berrisford - Jackie and the Phantom Ponies
Sue Garnett - The Ponies of Swallowdale Farm
G. O'Connor - Swendale Surprises, Snow Over Swendale
Fiona Satow - My Friend Krow
Mary Sharp - Second-Best Pony

Allen Chaffee - Wandy the Wild Pony, Wandy Wins!
Jenny Dale - Willow the Wild Pony
Joan Dickins - Jill and Prince the Pony
G. D. Griffiths - Silver Blue
Jean Kinnaird - Finding Our Stirrups
Pamela Macgregor Morris - Not Such a Bad Summer
M. M. Oliver - Land of Ponies
Marjorie E. Proctor - The Pony Trackers, The Treasure Riders
David Rook - The White Colt aka Run Wild Run Free
Allen W. Seaby - Dinah the Dartmoor
Vian Smith - Martin Rides the Moor, Green Heart, Pride of the Moor, etc
Elizabeth Sprigge - Two Lost on Dartmoor
Mary Treadgold - The Rum Day of the Vanishing Pony

Judith Berrisford - Jackie and the Moonlight Pony, Red Rocket Mystery Horse
Garland Bullivant - Little Lass
Ruth Clarke - Bonny the Pony
Victoria Eveleigh - Katy's Exmoor trilogy
Golden Gorse - Moorland Mousie, Older Mousie, Janet and Felicity the Young Horse-Breakers
Elinore Havers - Pony Watch , Three Day Adventure
Eleanor Helme - Exmoor trilogy, Mayfly, Jerry, Dear Busybody
Hull & Whitlock - Oxus series
Pamela Macgregor Morris - Exmoor Ben
Joyce Mary Lennon - Misty the Grey Pony
Mary de la Mahotiere - Round Up on Exmoor
Allen W. Seaby - Exmoor Lass
Eunice Young Smith - Shoon Wild Pony of the Moors
May Wynne - The Story of Heather, Heather the Second

Elizabeth Waud - Easter Meeting

Gillian Baxter - Tan and Tarmac, most of the Magic and Moonshine Pantomime Ponies series
Hilda Boden - Pony Girl
Mary Grant Bruce - From Billabong to London (partly)
Joanna Cannan - London Pride
Primrose Cumming - Ben (the start is set in London)
Eleanor Helme - Shanks's Pony (partly, also partly in Exmoor)
Pat Smythe - Three Jays Go To Town

New Forest, The:
Gillian Baxter/Hirst & Marion Coates - Sue-Elaine Draws a Horse
Jean Begbie - Freelance the Pony
Judith Berrisford - Pony Forest Adventure, Jackie and the Pony Patrol, Jackie and the Pony Thieves, Rustlers in the New Forest
Primrose Cumming - Four Rode Home (partly set here)
Denise Hill - A Pony For Two
Irene Makin - Ponies in the Attic/Ponies in Peril
Stephen Mogridge - New Forest series
E. H. Parsons - The Twins in the New Forest
Jean Rowan - Rufus the New Forest Pony
Allen W. Seaby - Skewbald the New Forest Pony, Sons of Skewbald
Pat Smythe - Three Jays Against the Clock
Elizabeth Sprigge - Pony Tracks
Ann Stafford - Five Proud Riders, A Pony for Sale

Northern England (general or unspecified location):
Catherine Cookson - The Nipper, Joe and the Gladiator (North East)
Sara Herbert - The Great Pony Raid (unspecified Northern region)
K. M. Peyton - Pony in the Dark (partly set in County Durham)
D. Pullein-Thompon - The Long Ride Home (partly in Scotland & Yorkshire also)

Hilda Boden - Little Grey Pony
Catherine Carey - The Nameless Pony
Lorna Hill - Margery series/Patience series, Dancing Peel (part pony/part ballet story)

Romney Marsh area:
Primrose Cumming - Four Rode Home, The Great Horses
Monica Edwards - Romney Marsh series

M. E. Atkinson - Horseshoes and Handlebars, Riders and Raids
Robert Martin (Rex Dixon) - Joey and the Magic Pony
Decie Merwin - Holiday Summer

Southwest England (general or unspecified location):
Garland Bullivant - Fortune's Foal (Dorset?)
Mary Gervaise - Georgie series
Rosemary Griffin - The Ponies Camped Too
Elizabeth Goudge - The Little White Horse
Elinor Havers - Pony Hunt
Kathleen Mackenzie - The Pentires Series, Nigel Rides Away, etc
Pamela Macgregor-Morris - Not Such a Bad Summer
Eileen Meyler - Adventure on Ponies (Dorset?)
Michael Morpurgo - Farm Horse (Devon)
J Pullein-Thompson - The Moors series (Set in fictional south west moorland countryside)
Veronica Westlake - The Unwilling Adventurers

Lynn Hall - Megan's Mare aka The Problem Pony
James Herriot - Bonny's Big Day
D. Pullein-Thompon - The Long Ride Home (partly; in Scotland also)
Joyce Stranger - Zara
John Smyth - Anne Goes Hunting


Africa (including South Africa):
Jocelyn Arundel - Little Stripe
Dick Francis - Smokescreen
Rene Guillot - Riders of the Wind
Kitty Ritson - Tessa in South Africa
Siegfried Stander - The Horse

Arabia & Saudi:
Andy Adams - Mystery of the Arabian Stallion
Walter Farley - Return of the Black Stallion (partly), The Young Black Stallion
Eleanor Hoffman - White Mare of the Black Tents aka Son of the Black Tents
Joan Penney - Melka the Story of an Arab Pony

Asia (General):
James Aldridge - The Marvellous Mongolian
M. E. Buckingham - Phari, Zong (Tibet)
Diane Lee Wilson - I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade

Australia: (Please see the Australian books page for books by Australian authors set in Australia)
Books set in Australia written by non-Aussie writers include:
Dick Francis - In the Frame
Peter Grey - Kit Hunter: Bush Adventure & Mystery of the Mine
H. M. Peel - Fury Son of the Wilds, Jago, Untamed

Marguerite Henry - White Stallion of Lipizza
Jane Kendall - Maestoso Petra
Alison Lester - Running with the Horses
Felix Salten - Florian
Mary Stewart - Airs Above the Ground

Jocelyn Arundel - Jingo Wild Horse of Abaco, Whitecap's Song

Naomi Wainwirght - Island Pony Club

Elisa Bialk - Tizz in the Canadian Rockies
Krista Michelle Breen - Dakotaroo series
Mary-Ellen Collura - Winners
Marion Crook - Riding Scared, Cutting it Close
Muriel Denison - Susannah of the Mounties
Helen Dickson - Sunshine Ranch series
Dick Francis - The Edge (partly)
David Grew - Beyond Rope and Fence, The Ghost Mare
Lynn Hall - Captain: Canada's Flying Pony
Stephen Holt - Phantom Roan (partly)
H & M Lossing Johnson - Dixie Dobie A Sable Island Pony
J. Paul Loomis - Salto A Horse of the Canadian Mounties aka Horse of the Deep Snows
Marion MacDonald - Smuggler's Cove
Peter McPhee - A Way With Horses
Shelly Peterson - Dancer series
Susan Saunders - Kate's Secret Plan
Sharon Siamon - Saddle Island series, A Horse for Josie Moon, Gallop for Gold
Joan Weir - Lion and Bobbi series, Three Day Challenge aka Storm Rider
Janet Whyte - Rescue Rider
Tamara Williams - Glory Ride, Shadow Ride

Angela Dorsey - Sobekkare's Revenge
Judith Tarr - A Wind in Cairo

Martina Frick - The Homecoming
Peter Grey - Kit Hunter: Rival Riders & The Last Hurdle
Rene Guillot - Wild White Stallion
Wilma Pitchford Hays - Little Hawaiian Horse
Alan C Jenkins - White Horses and Black Bulls
Kathleen Mackenzie - The Cave in the Cliff
Eugenia Miller - The Golden Spur
Pat Smythe - Three Jays on Holiday
Mary Treadgold - No Ponies
Carol Vaughan - Two Foals for Matilda

Ursula Bruns - The Snow Ponies
Heinrich Maria Denneborg - The Only Horse for Jan
Gaby Hauptmann - Kaya series

Primrose Cumming - Penny and Pegasus
Gerald Durrell - The Donkey Smugglers
Pullein-Thompson - Save the Ponies

Angela Dorsey - Frantic Flight

Mies Bouhuys - The Little Red Pony
Angela Dorsey - Swift Current
Terri Farley - Wild Horse Island series
Wilma Pitchford Hays - Little Hawaiian Horse
Armine von Tempski - Bright Spurs, Pam's Paradise Ranch
Harlan Thompson - Outcast Stallion of Hawaii

Kate Seredy - The Chestry Oak, The Good Master, The Singing Tree

Krista Ruepp - Winter Pony, Runaway Pony, Anna's Prince

Major Enriquez - Khyberie books
Rumer Godden - The Dark Horse
Jean Bothwell - The Thirteenth Stone, The Emerald Clue

Ireland (Northern & Republic):
Judy Andrekson - Little Squire the Jumping Horse (partly)
Bernagh Brims - Runaway Riders, Red Rosette
Mary Grant Bruce - Jim and Wally
Nancy Caffrey - Mig O'the Moor (partly)
Anne Nolan Clark - Hoofprint on the Wind
Angela Dorsey - The Mystic Tide
Steven Farley - The Black Stallion and the Shape-shifter
Peter Grey - Kit Hunter: The Phantom Horse
Esme Hamilton - Speedy series
Ann Henning - The Connemara Trilogy
Victoria Holmes - Horse From the Sea
Mairin Johnston - The Pony Express
Beulah Karney - Keepers of the Bell
Jane McIlvaine - Cammie's Cousin
M. M. Oliver - Horseman's Island
C. Pullein-Thompson - Phantom Horse Goes to Ireland
Meta Mayne Reid - The Noguls and the Horse
Sheena Wilkinson - Taking Flight
Pat Smythe - Three Jays Over the Border
Maggie Steifvater - The Scorpio Races

Maureen Daly - The Small War of Sergeant Donkey
Heinrich Maria Denneborg - Grisella the Donkey (Elba)
Pacifico Fiori - Prairie Rebels aka Wild Horses of Tuscany
Marguerite Henry - Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio
Michael Morpurgo - Jo-Jo the Melon Pony (Venice)
C Pullein-Thompson - Bandits in the Hills (Sicily)
Carmel Rowley - Voices in the Wind (partly)
Pat Smythe - Three Jays go to Rome

New Zealand:
Stacey Gregg - Pony Club Secrets series
Deborah Savage - A Rumour of Otters

Primrose Cumming - Foal of the Fjords
Dick Francis - Slay-Ride
Gunnel Linde - A Pony in the Luggage (partly)

Judy Andrekson - Miskeen the Dancing Horse
Dick Francis - Trial Run
Nicholas Kalashnikoff - Jumper

Judith Berrisford - Jackie and the Pony Rivals/Pony Trekkers Go Home
Joanna Cannan - I Wrote a Pony Book (partly set in Scotland), We Met Our Cousins
Maureen Daly - The Ginger Horse
Rumer Godden - Mr McFadden's Halloween
Veronica Heath - Ponies in the Heather
Mollie Hunter - The Kelpie's Pearls
Patricia Leitch - Jinny series, Highland Pony Trek, The Black Loch
Jane McIlwaine - Pony Trekking Summer
Margaret Macpherson - Ponies For Hire
Frances Murray - Ponies on the Heather
K. M. Peyton - Stealaway, Pony in the Dark (partly set on the Shetland Isles)
C Pullein-Thompson - Phantom Horse Goes to Scotland, We Rode to the Sea
D Pullein-Thompson - The Long Ride Home (also partly set in Yorkshire)
Kitty Ritson - Tessa and the Rannoch Dude Ranch
Helen Solomon - Stranded at Staffna
Sheila Stuart - Alison's Pony Adventure, Alison's Riding Adventure
Kate Thompson - Annan Water
Mel Wayne - The Horse on Ben Awe

Karin Anckarsvärd - Rider by Night
Ralf Lengstrand - The Long Pony Race, The Long Pony Trek, Horse Astray in Stockholm, The Pony Club Through Smoke and Fire
Anna Sellberg - Sara series

South America:
Elisa Bialk - Tizz at the Fiesta, Tizz South of the Border
Angela Dorsey - Condor Mountain
Peter Grey - Kit Hunter: South American Mission
Helen Griffiths - The Wild Heart, Stallion of the Sands, Blackface Stallion, Horse in the Clouds
Lynn Hall - A Horse Called Dragon (partly)
Margaret Lossing Johnson - Red Joker (partly set in Mexico)
Col S P Meek - Frog
Rutherford G. Montgomery - El Blanco
Covelle Newcomb - Silver Saddles
Scott O'Dell - Carlota
Margaret Cabell Self - Shaggy Little Burro of San Miguel
Ann Sheldon - Linda Craig: The Mystery in Mexico
A F Tschiffely - A Tale of Two Horses

Peter Grey - Kit Hunter: Fiesta For Wild One
Stacey Gregg - Storm and the Silver Bridle, Angel and the Flying Stallions
Helen Griffiths - Dancing Horses, Wild Horse of Santander
Marianne Mjelva - My Life with Penny (partly)
Pat Smythe - A Spanish Adventure

Karin Anckarsvard - Rider By Night
Gunnel Linde - A Pony in the Luggage (partly)
Anna Selberg - Sara series
Malin Stehn - You and Me Speedy, Will Sophie Have to Choose?

Pat Smythe - A Swiss Adventure

USA : (Please see the USA books page for American-set books by USA writers)
Books set in America written by non-Americans include:
Joseph E. Chipperfield - Dark Fury, Ghost Horse, Banner the Pacing White Stallion, Silver Star, Checoba
Ginny Elliot - High Hurdle
Peter Grey - Kit Hunter: The Homing Trail
Jenny Oldfield - Half Moon Ranch series
C Pullein-Thompson - Phantom Horse, Phantom Horse Comes Home
Lady Kitty Ritson - Montana Adventure
Sharon Siamon - Mustang Mountain series, Wild Horse Creek series.

Judith Berrisford - Jackie and the Pony Trekkers, Jackie and the Misfit Pony
Hilda Boden - Pony Trek, Pony Boy
Mary Gervaise - The Secret of Pony Pass
Elinore Havers - The Merry-March ponies
Elizabeth Lindsay - Midnight Dancer series
Pamela McGregor Morris - The Amateur Horse Dealers
D Pullein-Thompson - Ponies in the Valley, Ponies on the Trail, Ponies in Peril
Lucy Rees - Wild Pony
Allen W. Seaby - Mona the Welsh Pony
Alan Smith - Snowy
Joyce Stranger - Hound of Darkness